We very much appreciate that Gordon Ross has recorded sermons for our church on YouTube.

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"Lord, don't You care?"  Luke 10:38-42

Christmas Series:

1. Jesus - Son of David  Matthew 1:!-17

2  Jesus - Son of Abraham  Matthew 1:1

3. Jesus - Son of Mary  Luke 1:26-38

4. Jesus - Son of Joseph  Matthew 1:18-25

5. Jesus - Son of God (Part 1)  Luke 2:1-7

6. Jesus - Son of God (Part 2)  Luke 2:1-20

Previous Sermons:

The "I AM" Sayings of Jesus:

No. 6  "I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life"  John 14:1-6

No. 7  "I AM the True Vine"   John 15:1-8


Part 1 Corruption, Judgement - and God's Mercy  Genesis 6:1-12 

Part 2 The Ark: God's Provision/Noah's Response  Genesis 6:13-22 

Part 3 The Flood - yet God's Amazing Grace  Genesis 7:1-24

Part 4 God remembered Noah...and Noah worshipped God  Genesis 8:1-22

Part 5 God's Command, God's Covenant, Noah's Curse.....Jesus' Cross  Genesis 9:1-29


Part 1 The Character of Philemon  Philemon v:1-7

Part 2 A Recipient of Unmerited Grace  Philemon v:8-16 

Part 3 How are we serving Jesus?  Philemon v:17-22

Part 4 Paul's Companions and Final Greetings  Philemon v:23-25


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